There is a growing desire among the Roma themselves for measures that will help them dispel the misconceptions about their community and enable their self-empowerment.

Why “Chiriklo”

The name “Chiriklo”-“Bird” from Romanes – has a symbolic value that originates from ancient times. Previously, the birds were almost for the people as the post to brought the news from remote corners of the world. Our radio exist, as the instrument that disseminates information and merges with national diversity of the culture.

Radio “Chiriklo” is designed to give the Roma a voice, to give the information on security, health and legal information, national policy and programs, to present different activities and initiatives using new technologies, to advance Roma empowerment, facilitate communication and mutual understanding with Ukrainian population and European citizens.

Our goal is to shape a proud transnational identity; to building the social dialog social inclusion, reconciliation and dialogue between Roma and local population in Ukraine and Europe.  To give a voice to Roma communities, NGOs and activists and to improve the political representation and self-empowerment of Roma in Ukraine.

Strengthening the intercultural approach could be a fruitful perspective for those whom, as Roma groups, are often discriminated against and excluded from the public life of the community. Our radio wants to contribute to the reduction of the distance between Roma and non-Roma, fighting against negative stereotypes, discrimination and segregation.

Radio “Chiriklo” is a partner with radio “Patrin” registered in the Netherlands. It started as bilingual Romani-English periodical “Patrin” published and distributed over Europe, Americas and Australia 1991. In 1992 Patrin started as a radio program. Since 2009 Patrin is hosted by Amsterdam’s SALTO as independent Romani Radio with Romani-English and programs in other languages. From 2013 Radio Patrin is member of the EBU (European Broadcasting Union-Eurovision) and EBU Roma Task Force Group. As original advocate for Roma communities, Patrin has established a communication with its Romani and non-Romani audiences, considerable support from local, regional and European opinion formers, and long-term cooperation with international activists and institutions.